Now we shift focus to explore socio-cultural perspective on change and agency by hearing from a variety of voices this time from within the USA. We hear from Howard a retired lawyer living in the south; Bijal, a consultant and organizational psychologist from Colorado; Troy an African American man also living in the south; Margaret an indigenous American woman from the mid-west; and James, a military veteran living in the DC area.

Our focus shifts to socio-cultural perspectives on change and one’s sense of agency in life choices. In this show we hear five very different views and experiences from speakers living and growing up outside of the USA. Katie an Australian woman; Nobantu a South African woman; Aaron a Chinese male; Charlotte a French woman & Hassam a Pakistani man. Each are asked the same set of questions and their varied responses allows a rich, vibrant picture of socio-cultural influences to emerge.

This show is devoted to exploring the life of senior Buddhist teacher and former monastic Kittisaro. Born and raised in Chattanooga TN, Kittisaro graduated from Princeton as a Rhodes Scholar.and then studyied at Oxford University in the UK. In 1976, he moved to Thailand ordaining with the Buddhist Forest Master Ajahn Chah, and subsequently founding Theravadan monasteries in Chithurst and Hartridge in the UK. Since disrobing in 1991, he’s taught meditation internationally in the States, Europe, South Africa, and Israel often alongside his wife the former nun Thanissara.

February 26, 2021

The Story of Change: Episode 1

Rod lays out the territory of the programs and we hear perspectives from behavioral scientist Dr Julia Kolodko on personal change & from a speaker who has been described as ‘a seasoned guide of adventurous journeys through the mysteries of nature and psyche’, leadership expert Dr Julian Norris from the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business on organizational change.

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